Audition & Registration

What is the process for auditioning for Houston Ballet Academy's Summer Program?
You can pre-register to audition at one of the 21 cities on the international audition tour. Please refer to the Summer Audition Tour page for dates, times and locations. Pre-registration is strongly encouraged but not required. You may also register the day-of the audition at the audition site.


Can I pre-register online? Can I register to audition in-person?
Yes, pre-registration ($35) is strongly encouraged and available on our website. Pre-registration will only be available up to the Tuesday before the scheduled audition. Students are also allowed to register in-person ($40) at the audition.

*Cash only accepted at all audition locations.


Can I audition at more than one site?
No, students are only allowed to audition one time during the audition tour.


What paperwork should I bring to the audition?

  1. Headshot photograph (any photo size)
  2. Full body photograph in first arabesque (any photo size) for students ages 11+ only
  3. Completed audition registration form (all students must complete paper form)
  4. Receipt from pre-registration or $40 cash for day-of registrants


All of the age groups begin at age 12 at audition locations other than Houston. What if I am younger than 12 years old?
If you will be 12 by the time the program begins, you may attend the audition at one of the sites other than Houston. Please note Houston Ballet Academy cannot be responsible for housing students under 12 years of age at the time of the program. Students aged 7 - 11 will have their own audition times in Houston only. Auditioning 11 year old students in Houston must audition with the 10 - 11 year old age group. Please refer to the Audition Tour page for more details.


What if my birthday is close to the audition or summer program dates? Which age group should I attend?
Attend your age group corresponding to your age on the day of the audition. If you will be 12 by the time the program begins, you may attend the audition for ages 12+ at one of the sites other than Houston. Students aged 7 - 11 will have their own audition times in Houston only. Auditioning 11 year old students in Houston must audition with the 10-11 year old age group. Please refer to the Audition Tour page for more details.


What are the age limits?
The age limit for living in the University of St. Thomas (UST) dormitory is 17 years. Please note Houston Ballet Academy cannot be responsible for housing students under 12 years of age at the time of the program.


Is there a maximum age to audition?
There is no age limit to attend an audition class or enroll. On Campus housing at the Center for Dance or the University of St. Thomas is for residents between the ages of 12-17.


What if I am not able to attend any of the auditions listed?
A live audition is preferred over a video audition. Students not able to attend a scheduled audition are allowed to submit a video audition through our online portal between January 4 - February 10, 2020.

Note: We cannot guarantee that videos will be reviewed before the submission deadline or within two weeks of submission. All results will be conveyed by March 1.


Can I schedule an individual audition?
No, auditions are only available at one of the published audition tour dates or via video submission.


What levels will I be considered for?
You will be considered for all levels of the summer program at the audition.


What can I expect during the audition?
The audition class will consist of barre, center, pointe for the women if applicable and men's allegro for the men.


Who will be adjudicating my audition?
Houston Ballet Academy artistic staff members


How are levels determined for accepted students?
Houston Ballet artistic staff members will adjudicate students at the time of the audition for proper placement.


What should I wear to the audition?
Women should attend class in a solid color leotard, pink tights, pink ballet shoes and have their pointe shoes readily available. Men should wear a solid color leotard or t-shirt, black tights and black ballet shoes.


How will I be notified of my audition results?
Audition results will be e-mailed approximately one week to two weeks after the audition. Do not call Houston Ballet Academy as results will be conveyed by e-mail only.


I have been accepted into the program. What should I do now?
If you are accepted into the program, you must register and pay the first installment within two weeks to reserve your spot. Registration instructions will be outlined in your acceptance email.

Please be advised: Students must register within two weeks of their acceptance notification. Once you have been accepted, we encourage you to register as soon as possible. Space is limited and available on a first come first served basis only. Once classes have filled, we will no longer be able to accept additional registrants. Students and parents should expect communication from the Academy staff to increase after the Audition Tour is complete.


Can I request a deadline extension and hold my spot for longer?
Registration for the summer program is a first come, first serve basis. Students must register within two weeks of their acceptance notification. Students wishing to attend the program that have missed their program registration deadline may be placed on a waiting list.

Registration deposits are non-refundable. Students who pay their deposit and then withdraw from the program will not be able to receive a refund.


What are the dates of the program?
Please visit the Summer Programs page.


Is it possible to arrive late for the start of the program or not attend all weeks?
Partial attendance of any session is not allowed. If you have an academic conflict, you may submit an official letter to Houston Ballet Academy from your school specifying the last day required to attend classes. Late entry is not guaranteed and is considered on a case-by-case basis.

*Students arriving late will not receive prorated tuition or housing.


I am an international student. Do I need a visa or special documentation to attend the summer program?
International students attending the summer program and professional program are required to obtain an i20 and/or M1 visa. Please contact the Academy at for more details.


What are the approximate costs for the program?
Please visit the Tuition and Fees page.

Payments can be made in 4 installments, with a minimum of 25% due in the first installment. All tuition and housing fees must be paid by May 15. All tuition, housing payments and student activity fees are non-refundable. Students who withdraw before the start of the program for any reason will forfeit all payments made to Houston Ballet. Houston Ballet Academy recommends each student purchase tuition insurance through CampDoc.


Where can I find tuition and deposit information?
Tuition information can be found on the Summer Tuition and Fees  page.


Is housing provided during the program?
Housing is available for students in Levels 5 - 8 between the ages of 12 - 17 for six weeks at the Guinan Hall dormitory at the University of St. Thomas (UST). The University of St. Thomas dormitory fee includes breakfast and dinner daily. The Center for Dance dormitory is available by invitation only from the artistic staff for students ages 14 - 16. The Center for Dance dormitory does not have a cafeteria.


Are there any other costs or fees aside from tuition and room and board?
All students must pay a $35 registration fee. For all students there are optional fees associated Sunday activities, Pilates/body conditioning sessions and weekday lunches. Specific optional activity fee information will be included in your registration information.


Can I apply for a scholarship or financial aid?
Houston Ballet Artistic Staff awards a limited number of merit scholarships for the summer program. Students are considered during the audition process. If a tuition or dorm scholarship is not noted in your child's acceptance letter, this indicates that your child was not awarded a merit-based scholarship.

Parents may complete a financial aid application in order to be considered for financial assistance. Financial aid is allotted based on need. Financial aid funds are limited and considered on a first-come first-served basis. You may not apply for financial aid prior to receiving an acceptance letter. However, we encourage interested parents to apply as soon as possible once they are notified of their child's acceptance as application processing may take up to 2 weeks. You must notify the Academy of your financial aid submission and pay the deposit to reserve your child's registration.


When will I receive my financial aid results?
Applications can take up to 2-3 weeks of processing time.


When are waiting list applicants notified? What are the chances of a position becoming available to the summer intensive?
Waitlist applicants are notified on March 1 only if registration is available.


I received a Wait List letter. What now?
A Houston Ballet staff member will alert you via email if a spot becomes available in the Summer Intensive Program.


Is my spot in a summer program guaranteed if I am accepted?
Registration is first come, first served. Just because you have been offered an acceptance does not guarantee that registration will not fill up.


May I request and receive feedback from my child’s audition?
Unfortunately, Houston Ballet Academy and its staff are unable to offer feedback for any audition.


Who should I contact if I am having trouble registering?
If you are having difficulties registering, please contact or

Dorm & Student Life

When is move-in/move out?
Students may move into the University of St. Thomas dormitory on the Saturday before the start of the program.


When is check-in and check-out?
Check in is the Saturday before the start of the program. Check out is the final day of the program.


What do students need to bring with them to live in the dorms?
A suggested packing list can be found in the Summer Intensive handbook.


Is there Wifi during the Summer Intensive Program?
The dormitory will be equipped with complimentary Wifi access.


Can I request an allergy sensitive meal for my student?
Allergy information can be submitted via the CampDoc portal. University of St. Thomas catering does their best to accommodate food allergies, both they and Houston Ballet Academy cannot guarantee the absence of allergens in any meals.


Are there planned activities for my child when they are not dancing?
Houston Ballet Academy offers optional Sunday and Fourth of July activities for students to participate in weekly. These options can be added to student’s Classe365 portal. Residential and Off-Campus students may attend any activity.


How do I sign up for weekend activities?
Weekend activities can be added to your student’s Classe365 profile.


Can I send packages and letters to my student during the program? Can I send packages prior to the program starting?
Packages and letters can be sent to your student once the program has begun. We are not able to accept packages prior to the start of the program. All packages must be addressed as: 

Student First & Last Name/Level _
Note: CFD Dorm or UST Dorm
Summer Intensive Program/ Houston Ballet Academy
601 Preston Street/ Houston, TX 77002


How far away are the dorms from the studios?
The dormitory is approximately 3 miles distance from the Center for Dance.


How do students travel from the dorm to the studios?
Students will travel by bus or 15 passenger van to and from the dormitory.


How many students will live at the dorms?
The University of Thomas dormitory holds 172 students.


Can I request a roommate?
A roommate may be requested through the CampDoc Health Profile, under the “Roommate Request” tab.


How many roommates will my student have?
Your student may have one or two roommates assigned to them. Rooms will hold two to three students each.


Will my student be with a roommate the same age? The same gender?
Your student will be placed with another student near to them in age and/or level. Your student will room with a student of the same gender.


Can my dorm student have their own room?
No student is permitted to have their own room. Every student will have one or two roommates.


Will my student share a bathroom?
Each room has its own bathroom. Students will have to share a bathroom with their roommates.


Is there a dorm curfew?
Yes, students must be in the dorm by 9 PM on weeknights and in the dorm by 10 PM on weekends.


Are the dorm students allowed to have visitors?
Only adults who have been previously approved by a parent/guardian may visit dormitory students. Students currently enrolled in the Summer Intensive Program may visit other students in the dormitory lobby only. Students may not leave the dormitory with anyone under the age of 18 or any student registered in the program.


Can I visit my student in the dorms?
Yes, parents/guardians and adults pre-approved by the parent/guardian can visit their student in the dormitory. Parents will not be allowed to visit their students room after check-in day and must stay in the dormitory lobby.


Can I check my student out of the dorm?
Yes, parents/guardians and adults pre-approved by the parent/guardian can check their student out of the dorm. Students must be checked out by a Houston Ballet Academy chaperone/counselor.


What is the supervision like for the students?
Houston Ballet Academy employs chaperones/counselors to care for your student through the duration of the six-week program.


Will a chaperone be at the dorms with sick students? With student who doesn’t go on weekend activities?
Yes, chaperones will stay back at the dormitory with any sick students and any student not participating in weekend activities.


Can students walk alone?
Students may leave the Center for Dance in a group of three or more during breaks. Students may leave the University of St. Thomas in groups of three or more but must stay in the approved walking map areas.


Where can students walk in a group?
Students will be given an approved walking map when they check in to the dormitory. Only these areas are approved for students to walk to in groups of three or more.


Can a parent become a chaperone/counselor?
Parents are not permitted to apply for a chaperone/counselor position.


Are dorm students provided lunch?
Board in the dormitory does not include lunch. Lunch may be selected for an additional fee in your student’s Classe365 portal. There is no lunch provided during week 6.


Do dorm students get chaperoned grocery store trips?
Yes, dormitory students will have the opportunity to take chaperoned trips to the grocery store weekly.


Is there a refrigerator in the dorm rooms? Microwave? Kitchen?
All dorm rooms will be equipped with a MicroFridge (mini-refrigerator with a freezer and microwave oven). A kitchen is not available.


Will I receive updates on my student throughout the program?
A weekly email from your student’s chaperone/counselor will be sent to the primary email account, updating families on their student’s week outside of the studio.


How do I register for housing?
To ensure that you have a spot in dormitory housing the first installment must be paid when registering for the Summer Intensive Program.


Who should I contact if I am having trouble with housing registration?
If you have trouble with registering or paying for housing, please contact Katie Wesche at

SIP Program

What is a typical day like?
Classes for level 5 - 8 students usually begin at 9:00 AM. Students are usually in class each day until 6:00 PM Monday - Friday and until 3:00 PM on Saturdays. Students may have classes in ballet technique, pas de deux, classical variations and repertory, including modern, character, jazz, pantomime, musical theater and social dancing. Classes in dancer health and well-being are also offered.


When do classes start and finish?
The Summer Intensive Program begins on Monday, June 15, 2020. The final day of the program is Saturday, July 25, 2020.


Why is the summer intensive six weeks long?
Houston Ballet’s Summer Intensive Program is a six-week program. In those six weeks, students will grow technically and artistically. The final week of the program is dedicated to challenging students as performers by partaking in professionally produced final performances.


Where do classes take place?
Classes will be held at the Center for Dance, 601 Preston St. Houston, TX 77002.


When can I drop-off and pick-up my student for class?
The Center for Dance has a driveway where families can drop-off and pick-up students. For more information on driveway policies and procedures please refer to the Summer Intensive handbook.


Who will be teaching in the Summer Intensive Programs?
Teachers may include Houston Ballet Academy Artistic staff, guest artists, and Company members.


Is there a performance at the end of the program?
There are six final performances. Final performances begin on Thursday of the sixth week of the program and conclude on Saturday.


Are parents/guardians allowed to watch classes during the program?
Class observation will be held in the final week of the program. Parent/guardians are permitted to observe technique class only.


If my student becomes ill or injured and cannot attend the Summer Intensive can I receive a refund?
All fees and tuitions are non-refundable and non-transferrable. Please purchase tuition insurance.


What is the policy for students who are sick or injured during the program?
Students who are sick or injured five or more days will not be able to continue in the Program. A full injury policy can be found in the Summer Intensive handbook.


Where can I find required Summer Intensive attire?
Summer Intensive required attire can be found in the Summer Intensive handbook.


Is there a discipline policy for students who break the rules?
Discipline policies are outlined in the Summer Intensive handbook. UST dormitory rules will be distributed when students check into the dorms.


How will my student get lunch in week 6?
Lunch is not provided in week 6. Dormitory students will have the opportunity to go to a grocery store and students are permitted to leave the Center for Dance in groups of three or more for lunch.


What forms are required in order for my student to participate?
Your student’s CampDoc profile must be at 100% to participate. This includes a physical form, insurance information, and medical history.


Can I use a school physical for the Intensive?
The physical provided on CampDoc must be filled out and returned prior to the Program for your student to participate. A physician may transfer previous physicals onto the given form.


Can I book a flight as an unaccompanied minor?
Houston Ballet Academy staff and chaperones/counselors are unable to transport students to or from the airport who are booked as an airline official unaccompanied minor.


Can a parent/guardian attend the company show with my child?
Parents/guardians can purchase a ticket to see the company performance. Parents/guardians will not be seated next to their child. To purchase tickets please contact the Houston Ballet Box Office at 713.227.2787.


When will I know what performance my student is in?
Casting for the final performances will be sent at the end of week 4 of the program.


My student’s Program has multiple performances for the final presentation, how do I know which one to attend? How do I get tickets?
An email with casting will be sent to the primary email address in week 4 of the program. Once casting has been released families may purchase two reserved tickets on the specified date up until tickets are released to general admission. Once tickets are released to general admission anyone may purchase tickets to any performance. To purchase tickets please contact the Houston Ballet Box Office at 713.227.2787.


What is the price of final performance tickets?
Final performance tickets will be $15 per ticket.


Can I be considered for the Pre-Professional and Professional Fall/Spring semesters during the summer program?
Students in Levels 5-8 will have the opportunity to audition for the Pre-Professional and Professional Program during the summer program. Students attending session 1 or session 2 summer programs and that are interested in training at the Academy during the year should audition at the Pre-Professional/Professional auditions in August.


Will written evaluations be given to students during the program?
Houston Ballet Academy is unable to provide written evaluations at the conclusion of the program.

About HBA

What is Houston known for?
Houston is the home of NASA Space Center and many professional sports teams including, the 2017 World Series Champions, Houston Astros. Houston has a thriving museum district and art culture. Houston is home to the Houston Symphony, Houston Grand Opera, the Alley Theatre and NRG park. Houston is the most diverse city in the United States and listed in the top ten food cities in America.


What percent of company dancers trained in the Academy?
60% of the current Company has received training from Houston Ballet Academy.


Do Company and Academy train in the same building?
The Houston Ballet Center for Dance is the largest dance facility in North America. The Center for Dance houses both the Company and the Academy. Students and professionals train in the same facility.


Where do your students come from?
Houston Ballet Academy has students from all over the world, including Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Argentina, Brazil, Columbia, Mexico and America.


Do you provide any extracurricular activities for Professional Program students?
Professional Program students have the opportunity to attend prom and academic graduation in the spring semester, allowing non-traditional students the opportunity to engage in traditional student life.


Do you offer any health or wellness resources for my student?
Professional Program students have access to Houston Methodist athletic trainers, private appointments with a nutritionist and therapist, they receive nutrition seminars and have the option of taking semi-private Pilates sessions.


My student’s primary language is not English, can you assist them?
Houston Ballet Academy has Spanish speaking staff that can assist families. Professional Program students who would like to speak with a Spanish speaking staff member may contact Carla Cortez at 713.535.3218. ESL classes are offered for Professional Program students whose primary language is not English.


Can you help my student plan for their future?
Houston Ballet Academy offers career planning classes as part of student’s curriculum. These classes may include resume building, headshots, sword safety training, wardrobe seminars and Truth Facts Lies seminars. Students under the age of 18, who do not live with a parent/guardian, and who have not graduated High School or received their GED will be required to attend study hall. Non-English speaking students may also be required to attend ESL classes.


What are the next steps after a student leaves Houston Ballet Academy?
Previous Houston Ballet Academy graduates have received professional company offers and gone on to pursue higher education at the University dance level. These include Houston Ballet, Paris Opera Ballet, American Ballet Theatre, Atlanta Ballet, Cincinnati Ballet, Wake Forest University, Tulane University, University of Arizona and others.