Houston Ballet is dedicated to creating meaningful change by cultivating a space that honors what is unique in all of us. Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Access (IDEA) are instrumental in the fulfillment of our mission and values. We recognize our responsibility to be an inclusive and open organization for students, artists, staff, trustees, and volunteers of all backgrounds.

Join us, together we are Houston Ballet.



The soul of our art resides within our creativity and willingness to continue being brave in creating a new world for ballet. We believe what we do through our art will change hearts and lives. 

At Houston Ballet, IDEA means upholding these principles:


builds a sense of belonging, giving value to every individual voice by encouraging open participation and collaboration.


is embracing and encouraging the differences of everyone and constantly looking to make sure that all diverse individuals are represented in all aspects of our organization.


is impartial. It provides the structure to create and support equal opportunities for all.


is removing barriers and investing time, effort and resources to give all individuals the tools to succeed.

As we strive for excellence, we acknowledge the relationship between each of these principles. Houston Ballet is only as strong as its people and each of us must commit to making the community inside our organization reflect who we are – both as citizens of Houston and of the world.

Through our commitment to IDEA, each of us must pledge to:

  • Unite our strengths by honoring our differences.
  • Dignify, respect and uphold a sense of belonging to all.
  • Actively challenge the existence of barriers both onstage and off.

We are dedicated to creating meaningful change in the world of classical ballet. By embodying the principles of IDEA, our goal is to create a space for all to have a voice and be valued. Building our organization around IDEA is our ongoing commitment.


1. Be conscious of how others experience you. 2. Create a safe space and atmosphere that allows one to understand and be their authentic self.


1. Encourage open communication and collaboration through all channels. 2. Create access for all to engage. 3. Openly share ideas, including what is working and what is not working.


1. Commit to the ideas and principles that shape our common experience through ongoing assessments. 2. Create access for all levels of staff to engage. 3. Eliminate barriers that could deny access for staff participation.


1. Respect differences. 2. Be open-minded, take the time to listen actively. 3. Learn from each other and have engaged interactions for understanding.


1. Rely and believe in the truth of our statements. 2. Having confidence and strength in our judgments in acting responsibly in the safe keeping of others.