The Adult dance program is geared for dancers, ages 14 and older, from beginner to professional. Classes offered include beginning, intermediate and advanced ballet. Teachers are available to assess a student's level in class and make appropriate level recommendations upon request. Houston Ballet Academy does not guarantee accompanists for any of its classes.

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Drop-In Classes

You may join Adult Drop-in classes at any time. A minimum of three students must be in attendance for any Adult Drop-in class to take place.

Classes by Registration

These classes are 6, 8 or 9-week long sessions by registration only. Class cards are not accepted.

Class Attire

Acceptable attire includes, but is not limited to: leotards and tights, t-shirts, and/or leggings. Please have your hair pulled away from your face. Jewelry is not acceptable. Ballet shoes must be worn in Ballet classes. 

Adult Intensive

May 31 - June 4, 2022

This comprehensive intensive, taught by Houston Ballet Academy’s world-renowned staff, is geared towards adult dancers ages 18 and above. The intensive is designed for adult dancers who are levels Intermediate through Advanced, with a minimum of 3 years ballet training. 

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