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Fancy Free  I  Choreographer: Jerome Robbins  I  Music: Leonard Bernstein 

Houston Ballet Premiere
The Cage  I  Choreographer: Jerome Robbins I  Music: Igor Stravinsky  

The Concert (or the Perils of Everybody) I  Choreographer: Jerome Robbins  I  Music: Frédéric Chopin


We’re thrilled to join ballet companies around the world in celebrating the 100th anniversary of Jerome Robbins’ birth. In our first of three diverse pieces, we welcome back Robbins’ Fancy Free, a delightful glimpse into the lives of three sailors on leave during one hot summer night in 1940s New York City. The unique blend of Robbins’ iconic Broadway style and balletic grace in Fancy Free helped launch his career and inspire the Broadway musical On the Town. Stanton Welch AM has specifically selected The Cage, a lesser-known Robbins work that features our brilliant female dancers as they transform into a troupe of abstract insect-like creatures who hunt down their male prey. With our final Robbins piece, The Concert (or the Perils of Everybody), we bring back one of the great comedic ballets of all time.

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The Merry Widow

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