Subject to change as needed.  Houston Ballet Academy makes all decisions with the health and safety of its artists, students and staff in mind.

For Fall 2020, Pre-Professional and Professional Program families may enroll in two ways:

1)      Hybrid: some classes at Houston Ballet Center for Dance; some classes live online

2)      Virtual: all classes live online

Families can choose to move between the two models as they feel comfortable doing so.  If community spread is uncontained in Houston, Houston Ballet Academy (HBA) reserves the right to offer Virtual classes only.  Students’ class schedules will remain the same in Hybrid and Virtual modes. 

Families who select the Hybrid model agree to abide by the following systems and procedures that were designed to maintain a hygienic environment and mitigate spread of COVID-19 and were approved by our health partner Houston Methodist.

Arrival at the Center for Dance

  • Students will be assigned staggered arrival and departure times.
  • Late arrival is not permitted.
  • Students will be assigned one of three entrances:
    • Preston Street (use driveway with entrance on Congress Street)
    • Smith Street (between Congress and Preston)
    • Loading Dock (use driveway entrance on Congress Street)
  • Lobby Monitor will screen students and send them up appropriate stairwells to studios
    • Studios 190 and 310 – Smith Street, South Stairwell
    • Studios 320 and 330 – Preston Street, Main Stairwell
    • Studios 350 and 340 – Loading Dock, North Stairwell
  • Students will arrive wearing their dance attire wearing a face mask.
  • Only students will be allowed to enter the building. Visitors (including parents) will not be allowed in the building at any time.
  • Students must complete screening upon arrival at Center for Dance.
  • Temperature will be taken upon arrival.
  • Parents/Guardians should not leave until after temperature/screening.
  • If student’s temperature is 99.6 or above, the student must go home.
  • If student arrives without a face mask, the student must go home.
  • Students will sanitize hands as soon as they enter the building and before they go upstairs.
  • Students will put bags/jackets/shoes in assigned areas.



  • Teacher, pianist and students hand sanitize before leaving the studio
  • Teacher dismisses students one at a time; students exit appropriate stairwell
  • Students line up 6 feet apart from one another using floor markers
  • Lobby Monitor and Security communicate via walkie talkie about parent arrival
  • Students exit one at a time
  • Parents/guardians must pickup their dancer at assigned times


Classroom Expectations

  • Students are required to wear a face mask at all times.
  • Students are required to maintain at least 6 ft. physical distance at all times in the Center for Dance as indicated by markings in studios and throughout the building.
  • Students who are unable to follow HBA COVID-19 Guidelines may be asked to take Virtual classes only.