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Science - Anatomy of Movement

Summary: Students will physically explore the body’s joints and the muscles that move them through a series of exercises and guided improvisations.  Depending upon the number of classes held, this series can culminate in a creative, collaborative project in which students work create choreography in small groups based on two bones/joints.

TEKS Addressed:

(b)  Introduction.

(3)  Scientific inquiry. Scientific inquiry is the planned and deliberate investigation of the natural world. Scientific methods of investigation are experimental, descriptive, or comparative. The method chosen should be appropriate to the question being asked.

(10)  Science concepts. The student knows that biological systems are composed of multiple levels. The student is expected to:

(A)  describe the interactions that occur among systems that perform the functions of regulation, nutrient absorption, reproduction, and defense from injury or illness in animals;

(C)  analyze the levels of organization in biological systems and relate the levels to each other and to the whole system.