Houston Ballet Academy's Pre-Professional Program consists of Level 1 – Level 10. Students ages 7 and up are required to audition for acceptance. For information regarding the Professional Program and Houston Ballet II (HBII) please click here.    


Levels 1-Intermediate

Level 1 – Intermediate will receive evaluations twice per year at the close of the fall semester and mid-spring semester. Evaluations are made available through the Classe365 Portal.

Levels 5 - 10

Level 5 – Level 10 will have an evaluation class in the spring semester and consultations with their teachers. Evaluations are made available through the Classe365 Portal.


Students who are 7 years of age and older are required to audition for the Pre-Professional Program.


Houston Ballet Academy offers workshops for students interested in learning repertoire from the Houston Ballet as well as learning health and wellness techniques to strengthen their ballet training.

Performance Opportunities

Numerous performance opportunities are available for Pre-Professional students, including the annual Spring Showcase.

For more information regarding class attire, handbooks, tuition and financial aid, please visit our Resources Page or contact the Academy.