For our Company, dance is more than the beloved art that we perform. It is our daily routine, how we express ourselves, how we communicate our emotions; frustration, sadness, elation and joy. But most importantly – dance is how we connect to our community and the humanity around us. During a time when we are forced to be apart, Stanton felt it more important than ever to continue to create and continue to dance as a form of connection, even if it is at home from a distance.

This special project was choreographed and rehearsed entirely on Zoom, creating a new challenge for our 61 Company dancers during our time away from the studios. Set to the iconic Dancing with Myself by Billy Idol, this eponymous work shows Houston Ballet coming together collectively for a few minutes of fun, creativity and of course, dance. We hope you enjoy!


In order for our Company to continue to create, we need you. As we fight to push through this global pandemic, we are turning to the community that we have relied on for strength and support in the past to be there for us now. Be a part of our creative process and keep our artists dancing.

Every contribution will be matched by The Cullen Trust for the Performing Arts. Make a donation today and double your impact.