Barcelona, Spain

Dance Training

Loida Grau Dance School

Year Joined


Previous Company

The Washington Ballet, Studio Company

Favorite Roles

Gold, Jewels in Sleeping Beauty
Frontiersman in The Nutcracker
Spanish dance in The Nutcracker

Favorite Ballets

Romeo & Juliet
Swan Lake
Don Quixote
Diana and Acteon
La Bayadère
Le Corsaire

These are my favorite ballets since each one has a different story, I like the difference in characters and their interpretation, the music and its dynamics as they change according to the plot of the ballet, and the composition of the dance with the music.

Defining Moments

Some of the most defining moments in my career are: The first time I danced in a big stage like the Liceo Theater (Barcelona) in a summer intensive in 2018, when I was awarded the Solo Seal (Ballet) Certificate from the Royal Academy of Dance Examination in 2021, the first time I have danced a full ballet like The Nutcracker in a company and when I started working as a dancer at TWB Studio Company and started my professional career within a company being able to enjoy dancing on big stages with great artists and professionals.


Alejandro Molina León joins Houston Ballet as an Apprentice from The Washington Ballet. He was promoted to Corps de Ballet in July 2024.  Born in Sant Boi de Llobregat, Barcelona (Spain), Molina trained with the Loida Grau Dance School.


Allison Whitley

Taela Graff