Adeline (Addie) Saylor is a pianist for the Houston Ballet Academy and the University of Houston. She was previously an accompanist for the dance and music departments at Florida State University, where she played for ballet classes, the Student Opera Society, and also for individual vocalists.

She graduated from Messiah University in 2016 with a Bachelor of Arts in Music. During her time there she studied classical, collaborative, and jazz piano, as well as composition, songwriting, and improvisation. She was a collaborative pianist for both the music and theatre departments, playing for individual students, ensembles and choirs, and musical theatre productions.

She began her career in dance accompaniment in 2017 where she trained as a ballet pianist under the Houston Ballet Apprentice Pianist Program, and she began working for the Education and Community Engagement program in 2021.

With her background in jazz and musical theatre as well as classical music, she loves to provide fun and improvised music for class, especially for younger dancers. She is so excited to be part of the ECE team and to share her combined love of music and dance.