DANCE TO LEARN is a movement integration program that approaches academic curriculum from a kinesthetic perspective. Houston Ballet teaching artists work together with classroom teachers to create lessons that address TEKS in multiple subject areas while building Social Emotional Skills. There are 2 types of class structures for this program: RESIDENCY and STAND-ALONE

RESIDENCY: an in-depth creative experience that integrates dance/movement and academic concepts. This structure includes 4-6, one (1) hour lessons for one (1) group of students. Houston Ballet staff will see the SAME group of students every visit. 

Possible class schedules for DANCE TO LEARN residencies include:

  •  2 times a week for 3 weeks
  •  3 times a week for 2 weeks
  •  Monday - Friday for 1 week

STAND-ALONE: a one-time creative experience that integrates dance/movement and academic concepts. This structure includes 1-6, one (1) hour lessons for MULTIPLE groups of students. Integration activities will surround 1-2 learning objectives.

To qualify for ECE’s movement-based programs, we must have an Indemnification Form signed by your principal on file.

Please CLICK HERE to download the 2019-20 Indemnification Form.


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For questions or more information please contact Education & Community Engagement Coordinator, R. Cantrell Williams, at