The Adult Dance Program is geared towards dancers, ages 14 and older, from beginner to professional. Classes offered include beginning, intermediate and advanced ballet. Teachers are available to assess a student's level in class and make appropriate level recommendations upon request. Houston Ballet Academy does not guarantee accompanists for any of its classes.

Drop-In Classes

Adult Drop-in classes can be joined at any time. A minimum of three students must be in attendance for any Adult Drop-in class to take place.

Multi-Week Series

These class series are designed for students 14+. Classes will be held once a week for 8 weeks.

Adult Summer Intensive

This comprehensive intensive is geared towards adult dancers ages 18 and up. Students should be levels Intermediate through Advanced with a minimum of 3 years ballet training.

Health & Wellness Workshops

Health & Wellness workshops for dancers, teachers and students ages 12 and up. These workshops will help improve your fitness, find better balance, and increase the elevation of your jumps.

THE INNER LIFE OF BALLET™ “Creating Space for Turnout”

August 20 | 4:30 - 6:30 PM

An open class for adult dancers, movement professionals, and physical therapists ages 18 and up.  Taught by Alicia Head.

Topics will include: Dynamic Alignment for turnout, the relationship of the core to turnout, and a new paradigm for turnout. Participants will learn a floor barre series with supportive props as well application to basic barre exercises.

Acceptable attire includes, but is not limited to: leotards and tights, t-shirts, and/or leggings. Please have your hair pulled away from your face. Jewelry is not acceptable. Ballet shoes must be worn in Ballet classes.