Hey Sugar Plum!



Here’s a great deal to get tickets to all of Nutcracker Market’s special events – including the most wanted and priceless benefit of all, VALET PARKING!

Sign up to be a Nutcracker Market Sugar Plum and receive:

• Two Premium tickets to the Wells Fargo Preview Party valued at $800
• Two tickets to the Saks Fifth Avenue Fashion Show & Luncheon valued at $600
• Two tickets to the Macy’s Fashion Show & Luncheon valued at $600
• Two Early Bird tickets, providing early 8:30 AM admission Thursday and Friday, valued at $120
• Valet parking at all special events (only available to Sugar Plums and special event sponsor-level ticket holders), an exclusive benefit!
• Name recognition on the invitation (if received by July 29) and in the shopping program (if received by September 30), an added bonus!

As a Sugar Plum, your generous $2,500 donation goes directly to supporting Houston Ballet, its Academy and scholarship programs. Being a Sugar Plum also means you are getting the best deal to join us at all special events throughout the weekend. Spread the fun and take a different friend to each special event! It also makes for the perfect gift package!

For years, Sugar Plums have provided great support for the Houston Ballet Nutcracker Market and we hope we can count on you to sign up and be part of our Sugar Plum lineup this year!


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