I lost something at the Market. Where can I find it?

A: During Nutcracker Market SPRING, check with the Information Booth located in the main aisle. During Nutcracker Market in November, there will be two Information Booths. After the Market, call Houston Ballet, 713-535-3231 to see if it was turned in.

Are there ATMs available?

A: ATM machines are located just outside of each hall entrance. During Nutcracker Market in November, additional ATMs are located in the show area near booth 702 and 1604.

Where is First Aid?

A: In the lobby near Hall C

How can I become a merchant at Nutcracker Market or Nutcracker Market SPRING?

A:  Visit our website's Merchants page for application details.

Where are the fashion shows held?

A: The Nutcracker Market fashion shows are on the second floor of NRG Center. Exit the Market and take the lobby escalator or elevator up. Please note that Nutcracker Market SPRING does not have fashion shows.

Is there some place I can check my package(s)?

A: Yes. Package checks are located in booth 924. During Nutcracker Market in November, package check is also in the auxiliary booth 1709.

Where can I find baby-changing and breast-pumping stations?

A: Baby-changing stations are located in all restrooms and between Hall B and C in the lobby.

Where are the restrooms?

A: Restrooms are located along both the front and back walls and in the lobby. During Nutcracker Market in November, men’s restrooms are located on the second floor in the lobby.

Where can I obtain general information, booth or merchandise information?

A: Please visit the Information Booth, located in the main aisle.

What are the dates for future Nutcracker Markets at NRG Center?

A: November 10-13, 2022                                                 

Novemebr 9-12, 2023                                                   

November 14-17, 2024                                                 

November 13-16, 2025