All booths are draped and include duplex electrical outlets as indicated below.  Drapery and table skirting are red.  Corner booths, island booths and extra storage spaces have additional fees and are invoiced to you at a later time.

          • 15’ x 10’     $1,725.00  includes one 8’ skirted table
          • 20’ x 10’     $2,300.00  includes two 8’ skirted tables
          • 25’ x 10’     $2,875.00  includes two 8’ skirted tables
          • 30’ x 10’     $3,450.00  includes three 8’ skirted tables
          • 35’ x 10’     $4,025.00  includes three 8’ skirted tables
          • 40’ x 10’     $4,600.00  includes three 8’ skirted tables

Houston Ballet Nutcracker Market shall provide two chairs and one duplex outlet for booths 20' or less and two duplex outlets for booths larger than 20'. Each duplex outlet is 120-volt/1800 watt. Merchant may order additional electrical and/or lighting from the NRG electrical contractor at Merchant's own expense.

The Merchant Committee will attempt to accommodate your preference. However, the available number of booth sizes and locations is limited. Booth placements are assigned to achieve the best balance of merchants. If selected as a merchant, the contract you receive will list the type of booth for which you have been selected. 


Nutcracker Market is a commission-based show – we collect 11% of merchant sales to raise funds for Houston Ballet, its Academy and scholarship programs. The commission is charged on all sales and special orders.

*Subletting of booth space as well as selling, sampling and "hawking" in the aisle is not allowed.*

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