Your Help Matters

Our education and outreach programs, the creation of new dance works, and the preservation of time-honored classics all benefit from your support.  Ticket revenue covers only 40% of our operating expenses, so we rely on your donations to help make possible the many programs, performances, and services we offer. 

With the assistance of generous corporations, organizations, individuals, and the time and talents of our selfless volunteers, Houston Ballet continues to expand its reach to new audiences and future dancers. We truly could not do this without you. Thank you for supporting Houston Ballet!


Fairytale Retold

The story has been a favorite for generations, but make no mistake, this is not your childhood Cinderella. This feisty gal isn't hanging around waiting for a prince to come. Cinderella is busy fighting the oppression of her evil stepmother and holding her ground against her malicious, bumbling stepsisters. Stanton Welch's title character is a striking woman of sustance, determination and spunk. She's always in control. So when she finds true love she grabs it - and wisely holds on with both hands.