Red Earth 
MUSIC: Peter Sculthorpe

The Letter V
MUSIC: Joseph Haydn 

World Premiere | Good Vibrations
MUSIC: Christopher Austin

Good Vibrations sets the stage with a triple bill full of energy, elation and a long-awaited world premiere. In The Letter V, created by famously musical choreographer Mark Morris on Houston Ballet in 2015, dancers move to the music of Joseph Haydn’s Symphony No. 88 in G Major.  Stanton Welch’s Red Earth celebrates Australian artistry, transporting audiences to a world where adversity and emotions are expressed through movement, accompanied by an original score from Peter Sculthorpe and artwork from set designer Kevin “Pro” Hart. Audiences may also look forward to the world premiere of Good Vibrations by internationally acclaimed choreographer, Arthur Pita. Originally set to debut in the 2019-2020 season, this work marks the first time Pita has choreographed on Houston Ballet. Set to a commissioned score by Christopher Austin, with references to The Beach Boy’s legendary song 'Good Vibrations', this program is not to be missed.’s just unexpected and fresh — like everything in this ballet.

The New York Times

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