The Rebuilding Continues…

From all of us at Houston Ballet, thank you for your continued support during this difficult time following the devastation of Hurricane Harvey.

Although flooding from Hurricane Harvey caused Houston Ballet to cease operations for about two weeks, our beautiful Center for Dance is back to normal operations. The storm’s most significant impact was to the Wortham Theater Center – which is now closed for the foreseeable feature. The magnitude of losing the Wortham as our performance space presents tremendous challenges in ensuring the continuity of our season.

• The Wortham was designed specifically for its resident companies. Each alternate venue presents a unique production and logistical challenge. As a touring company Houston Ballet is skilled at taking “the show on the road.” However, doing so comes at substantial cost.

• With new venues across the city, additional staff, crew, and transportation are required to “load in” and “load out” each production for each theater. A normal season would require 4 such load-in/load-out periods but, this year, we are doubling to 9 load-in/load-out periods, doubling costs.

• New venues are not “plug and play.” Every light, cable, and other equipment has to be rented or purchased, transported, installed, and removed.

Additionally, costumes for over 50 ballets – 60 percent of our repertoire – were lost in Harvey flooding. Precautions were taken in attempts to preserve all costumes stored in the Wortham Center basement, but unfortunately our efforts were not enough. The costumes lost represent more than 40 years of repertoire history for Houston Ballet.

This is the most serious financial challenge Houston Ballet has ever faced, including $12.1 million in lost revenue or additional expenses over the next three years.

Nonetheless, we are steadfast in our mission to bring great art to the city of Houston – the show will go on! We will continue to present the finest dancers, compelling new works and leading choreographers to our loyal audiences. We are counting on support from our ballet family to ensure our company continues to thrive.

For more information or to support Houston Ballet’s recovery effort, please contact Darry Hearon at (713) 535-3275 or

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