Third Clarinet

Audition Date: Late-August 2018

Resume Deadline: July 23, 2018


Click here for audition repertoire.



Position Information
Third Clarinet typically plays the second clarinet part when there are three or more parts in the section. It is not unusual to have an E-flat clarinet double. The position is part-time and the orchestra is paid on a per service basis.


Application Procedure
To be considered for an invitation to audition, highly qualified candidates should submit a one-page resume, including email address and telephone number, no later than the indicated deadline.


Please email resume (PDF or MS Word) to:


 The audition committee reserves the right to dismiss any candidate not meeting the highest artistic standards.


 Houston Ballet is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Candidates for employment are considered without regard to race, color, sex, creed, national origin, sexual orientation, age, non-job-related disability or marital status. 


Employment Details
Houston Ballet Orchestra is paid on a per service basis. The current rate for the 2018-2019 season is $189.58 per service. This position also includes a minimum guarantee of 50 services. The number of services offered annually varies based on repertoire requirements. There is a 6.54% contribution to the American Federation of Musicians and Employers' Pension Plan. Paid parking is provided.


Hurricane Harvey Update
The hurricane caused significant damage to our home venue The Wortham Theater Center which will be under reconstruction through at least September 1, 2018. Houston Ballet’s 2018-2019 performance schedule will vary significantly from previous years and may be found at


Employment Eligibility
Please be aware that the U.S. government requires anyone who works for Houston Ballet to show proof of identity and work eligibility (either by proof of United States citizenship, lawful permanent resident status, or temporary resident status with appropriate USCIS work authorization).  All individuals who are offered contracts will be required to provide such documentation.