For many young dancers, joining a professional program means leaving the comforts and familiarity of home to pursue their passion. Houston Ballet Academy strives to provide a well-rounded experience for our students, in addition to elite dance training and academic support, with the help of a dedicated Student Life Manager.



The Student Life Manager coordinates student appointments in the Health & Wellness program, as well as external medical needs. They collaborate with and support the Director of the Academy with Career Planning, and coordinate interdepartmental requests for student participation for public relations and development events. If necessary, the Student Life Manager can acquire information for student VISA applications and complete the full application process through SEVIS for both full-year and summer programs.

The Student Life Manager plans student events and activities such as Spirit Weeks, Performance Field Trips, Holiday Celebrations, Free Dress Days, Cultural Heritage Celebrations, Prom, and more! Students in the Professional Program also receive one ticket for a performance of each program that the Company performs.

The Student Life Manager can also assist students and their families in facilitating roommates/living arrangements for Independent Living in Market Square Tower or other off-site housing (for students 17 and up). Dorms located in the Center for Dance are supervised by a live-in chaperone.