Stanton Welch AM - Artistic Director
Jennifer Sommers - Director of the Academy

Houston Ballet Academy has provided the highest quality ballet training since its opening in 1955. Through various programs, the Academy trains over 1,000 students a year. It offers training designed to take students from their first introduction to movement through a full course of ballet study. The Academy’s outstanding faculty includes teachers who have performed with prestigious companies throughout the world.

Houston Ballet Academy is comprised of four programs: the Preschool Program, Adult Program and the Pre-Professional and Professional Programs. All programs are designed to train students in various forms of dance and movement. The Preschool Program and Adult Program do not require an audition and are open to the general public for registration.

The Pre-Professional Program and Professional Program begin accepting students at age 6 and require an audition to attend. These programs are comprised of a unique structure of class levels designed to give each student the individualized training they are seeking. The Professional Program is also home to Houston Ballet II, the second company of Houston Ballet. Over 48 performance opportunities are available to students in the Pre-Professional and Professional Programs including the annual Spring Showcase which is tailor-made to showcase the immense talent and growth of each and every student.

Houston Ballet Academy also operates a summer intensive program that welcomes students from around the United States and abroad. Each year, a national audition tour is held to select intermediate and advanced level students to attend this intensive three or six-week program. Budding young artists from around the globe travel to Houston to train at the Academy and the most gifted students from the summer intensive program are invited to remain at the Academy on a year-round basis.

Those students whose paths lead to non-dance careers gain immeasurably from having studied at Houston Ballet Academy. They develop self-motivation, self-discipline, poise, grace, physical adroitness and an appreciation for the arts, which they will carry with them throughout their lives.

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