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Individual Donors



These generous Houston Ballet donors ensure that we continue to offer world-class performances and exceptional educational programs.  These donations were received before November 15, 2015. Thank you to those whose gifts were received after this date.


Chairman's Circle $100,000 or more (cumulative over 3 years)

Mr. and Mrs. F. T. Barr

Gary and Marian Beauchamp

Mr. and Mrs. Albert Chao

Lori Gallagher and Curtis Huff

Ms. Leticia Loya

S. Shawn Stephens and James M. Jordan

Allison and Troy Thacker

Ms. Ann Trammell

Phoebe and Bobby Tudor

Mrs. Margaret A. Williams

Lynn Wyatt Charitable Giving Fund

Anonymous donor


Director's Circle $50,000 or more

Donna Kaplan and Richard Lydecker

Diane Lokey Farb


Artist's Circle $25,000 or more

Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Burleson

Mr. and Mrs. Bastiaan de Zeeuw

Ms. Jane DiPaolo and Mr. Jim Teague

Mr. and Mrs. Richard M. Farley

Cherie and Jim Flores

Stephen and Kelley Lubanko

Kris and Richard McGee

Ms. Martha E. Rocks and Mr. Marvin H. McMurrey  Jr.

Yasuhiko and Akemi Saitoh



President's Circle $15,000 or more

Mr. and Mrs. Isaac Arnold, Jr.

Michelle and Lorne Bain

Dr. and Mrs. Devinder Bhatia

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Bradshaw

Mrs. Ira B. Brown

Mr. and Mrs. J. Patrick Burk

Jerry Ann Woodfin Costa and Victor Costa

Mr. and Mrs. Harry H. Cullen

Mr. and Mrs. Donald L. Erskine

Mr. and Mrs. James E. Furr

Sandy and Lee Godfrey

Mr. and Mrs. Donald M. Graubart

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Hafner, Jr.

Dr. and Mrs. Theodore J. Haywood

Mr. Jesse H. Jones II

Mr. and Mrs. Russell C. Joseph

Mr. and Mrs. Henry S. May, Jr.

Ginni and Richard Mithoff

Marsha L. Montemayor

The Honorable Mica Mosbacher

Mr. and Mrs. James M. Nicklos

Mr. and Mrs. Dee S. Osborne

Mr. and Mrs. Steven A. Owsley

Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Ray

Mr. and Mrs. Harry M. Reasoner

Karl and Ann Stern

Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas L. Swyka


Virtuoso $7,500 or more

Mr. and Mrs. Phil Bazelides

Mr. and Mrs. John A. Blaisdell

Mr. and Mrs. Jack S. Blanton, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel A. Breen

C. Robert Bunch and Lilia Khakimova

Mr. and Mrs. J. Cade Burks

Mr. Tripp Carter

Mr. and Mrs. James W. Crownover

Senator and Mrs. Ted Cruz

Sasha Davis and Joseph Matulevich

Marsha and Sam Dodson

Bruce and Pamela Earthman

Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Fant

Martin and Kelli Cohen Fein

Mr. and Mrs. Henry R. Hamman

Mr. and Mrs. David L. Hatcher

Mr. and Mrs. Brian B. Hughes

Ms. Melanie Lawson and Mr. John F. Guess  Jr.

Dr. Bridgitte Shen Lee and Mr. Eugene E. Lee

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Loveland

Mr. and Mrs. Harry E. Mach

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Mithoff

Ms. Beth Muecke

Don and Patti Murphy

James Nelson and Richard Lapin

Dr. Dana Ondrias and Mr. Michael Ondrias

Mr. and Mrs. Michael S. Parmet

Mr. and Mrs. Frederick J. Plaeger II

Shelly and Marty Power

Mr. Shannon B. Sasser and Mrs. Leslie Elkins Sasser

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas H. Scott

Mr. and Mrs. Lance Smith

Mr. and Mrs. Reginald R. Smith

Mr. Georgios Varsamis

Mr. and Mrs. Marcus A. Watts

Mrs. Jeanie Kilroy Wilson and Mr. Wallace Wilson

Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas J. Zdeblick

Anonymous donors


Ambassador $4,000 or more

Dr. and Mrs. George J. Abdo

Mr. and Mrs. W. Kendall Adam

Ms. Jacqueline S. Akins

Dr. Julia Andrieni and Dr. Robert Phillips

Mr. and Mrs. Cecil H. Arnim III

Maida and Paul Asofsky

Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Ballard

Anne Morgan Barrett

Ms. Jennifer Barron

Mr. and Mrs. Philip D. Belanger

Dr. Patrick Benge

Muffet Blake

Mr. and Mrs. George Boss

Mr. and Mrs. Douglas J. Bourne

Katie-Pat and John Bowman

Karen and John E. Bradshaw

Ms. Geraldine Briceno

Mrs. Ruth W. Brodsky

Lindsey Brown

Melinda and Bill Brunger

Mr. and Mrs. William N. Burke

Charles Burnett III

Dr. and Mrs. William T. Butler

Mr. and Mrs. Larry Carbo

Mrs. Lily G. Carrigan

Ms. Nada Chandler

Mrs. Cynthia Christ and Mr. Stephen Strum

Ms. Janet L. Coy

Sharon S. Crandell, M.D.

Sylvie and Gary Crum

Dr. and Mrs. Gary Dildy

Ms. Linnet F. Deily

Mr. Burl M. Drews and Mrs. Jenny W. Drews

Ms. Kay Dunn

Mr. Scott Ensell

Mary Ann and Larry Faulkner

Sidney and Don Faust

Marla and Stewart Feldman

Dr. and Mrs. Leslie O. Fullerton

Mr. Mitchell B. George

Mr. and Mrs. Barnett Gershen

Marion and Gary Glober

Debra and Mark Gregg

Lance and Sasha Grover

Dr. George and Trudye Grunert

Mr. William F. Guest

Ms. Zahava Haenosh

Sunny Sue and Mac Haik

Dr. Linda L. Hart

Dr. Michael Hawkins and Dr. Liliana Soltero

Mr. and Mrs. Aaron Hilber

Dr. and Mrs. C. Stratton Hill, Jr.

Gary Hollingsworth and Ken Hyde

Dr. and Mrs. Raymond Kahn

Mrs. Neale W. Kempner

Dr. Dale G. Konicek

Ms. Ann Koster

Pat J. and James P. Landers

Angie Lane and Nick Eoff

Mr. and Mrs. Jack Lapin

Stephanie Larsen

Mr. and Mrs. E. Daniel Leightman

Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Leighton

Mr. Philip Limon and Mrs. Ibolya Ernyey

Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Lombard

Mr. and Mrs. Eugene F. Loveland

Ms. Joan Herrin Lyons

Dr. Brian Malechuck and Mr. Kevin Melgaard

Dr. and Mrs. Michael Mann

Mrs. Dorothy B. McCaine

Dan and Judy McClure

Kristen and Steve McDaniel

Warren and Yana McFatter

Ms. Mimi R. McGehee

Martha Farish Oti

Mr. and Mrs. Ben Patton

Dr. Judy Paukert

Mrs. W. Bernard Pieper

Mr. and Mrs. George N. Postolos

Lori Priess

Joan and Lou Pucher

Lila Rauch

Mr. and Mrs. T. R. Reckling III

Mr. and Mrs. Greg Ritchie

Mr. Thomas Robinson

Miwa Sakashita and Dr. John Stroehlein

Dan Sauls and Brenda Kempner

Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Schlief

Ms. Elizabeth Schwarze

Dr. and Mrs. Edward J. Septimus

Mr. James Stafford and Ms. Deborah Keyser

Lois and George Stark

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Stibolt

Mrs. Marguerite M. Swartz

Ms. Hallie Vanderhider

Paul and Sherry Vaughan

Valerie vonBerg

Mr. Jack D. Welch III

Mrs. Sara E. White

Nelda Wilkomirski

Ms. Anna Williams

Mr. and Mrs. Scott Wulfe

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Zaruba

Anonymous donors




Bravo $2,000 or more

Stephen and Linda Bickel

Ms. Marie Bosarge

Mr. and Mrs. Mark J. Brookner

Mr. and Mrs. R. Lawrence Brown

Mr. and Mrs. Reagan Burch

Mrs. R. P. Bushman, Jr.

Dr. Darrell L. Cass

Pierre and Keiko Chevray

Ms. Karen Cress

Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Doneker

Mrs. Virginia A. Elkins

Ms. Carolyn Grant Fay

Mrs. Nicci Harrison

Mr. Don D. Howe MD and Ms. Nichole M. Sieracki Ph. D.

Janice and Allan King

Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Klaveness

Mr. and Mrs. Jordan H. Mintz

Mr. and Mrs. Robert R. Page

Mrs. Carolyn W. Payne

Mr. and Mrs. George Rizzo

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Scheiber

Mr. Douglas L. Williams and Ms. Janice L. Robertson

Helen B. Wils and Leonard A. Goldstein

Peiwen Xia

Mr. John L. Zipprich II


Encore $1,000 or more

Dr. and Mrs. Robert E. Anderson

Jack Bell

Mr. Anthony Benedetto

Naomi H. Black

Drs. Keith and Kelly Bourgeois

Mr. John B. Bryan

Dr. and Mrs. Raul Caffesse

Marilyn Caplovitz

Mr. and Mrs. Jess Carnes

Mr. and Mrs. Jack Cato

Beth Chambers

Judy and Art Coen

Baron and Charlotte Craft

Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Denham

Mr. Christopher Frautschi

Dr. Adaani E. Frost and Dr. Wadi N. Suki

Mr. Gary Gardner and Mrs. Peg Palisin

Ms. Lucy Gebhart

Ms. Jennifer Gregory

Mr. Frank L. Heard, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Ross K. Hill

Mr. and Ms. Eric Hints

Kathryn Hite

Mr. Steve Homer and Ms. Kathleen Moore

Lonnie Hoogeboom and Betsy Strauch

Debra W. Jackson

Dr. and Mrs. Igor Kliakhandler

Ms. Claire Langston

Miss Michelle Lastrapes

Dr. and Mrs. J. Parry Lauzon

George and Helen Littell

Ms. Judy Liu

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Lukin

Ms. Marilyn Lummis

D.M. Marcinek

Ms. Patricia Mayo

Dr. Laurence B. McCullough and Mrs. Linda Quintanilla

Ted and E'Von Owen

Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Phillips

Lou and Ann Raden

Mr. Cameron Ray

Dr. and Mrs. David W. Reininger

DonNell Rushing

Barbara Sanford

H. Irving Schweppe, Jr., M.D.

Mr. Philip Scott and Ms. Susan Gardner

Louis and Barbara Sklar

Mr. Michael B. Smith

Alana R. Spiwak and Sam L. Stolbun

Ms. Selena M. Stuchly

Mr. Dean B. Walker

Kristine and Stephen Wallace

Mr. and Mrs. James A. Watt

JM Weltzien

Dr. Loretta Williams


Contributor $500 or more

Mr. Matthew Antonelli and Mrs. L. Cornwell

Ms. Michelle Baden

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Balmert

Dr. and Mrs. Robert S. Benjamin

Mr. and Mrs. Ed A. Blair

Ms. Pat C. Boyd

Ms. Barbara Brooks

Dr. and Mrs. Frederick J. Buckwold

Ms. Jennifer Campana

Mr. and Mrs. John D. Chaney


Mr. and Mrs. Robert Collins

Mr. Cecil Conner, Jr. and Mr. David Groover

Mr. William R. Craig and Ms. Janet Schaumburg

Mr. and Mrs. Skip Elliott

S. K. and Marie Fay Evnochides

Mr. Mike Fiuzat

Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Fleisher

Ms. Debra Gibson

Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Hawley

Mr. and Mrs. Michael F. Henderek

Mr. Raymond Jones

Dr. Melissa Kean

Anne Lam Kinder

Ms. Kelley R. Lang

Dr. and Mrs. Herman Lapin

Dr. Elmer Ledesma and Ms. Lisa Brenskelle

Dana Roberts and B. Ross McKenzie

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher B. Miller

Ms. Mary C. Moore and Ms. Nancy W. Snow

Ms. Celia Morgan

Mr. and Mrs. Geoff Newton

Mr. Eddie Osborne

Mr. Charles Prince

Ms. Leigh Ann Ranslem

Dr. Jeffrey Sweterlitsch

Mr. and Mrs. John Unger

Mrs. Kelly Von Gonten

Dr. and Mrs. J. Anthony Walter III

Anonymous donors


Associate $250 or more

Ms. Sheryl Albers

Mr. Jim Aylsworth

Mr. Philippe Bibi

Mr. Gerald R. Bischof

Ms. Barbara Boney

Mr. Kenneth Broughton

Stephanie and Ted Carpenter

Ms. Jeanne Carter

Mr. John Caskey

Mr. Robert Chanon

Ms. Ursula Clarke

Mr. and Mrs. Mike Condit

Dr. and Mrs. Joel Cyprus

Mr. Brian F. Daly

Ms. Myriam Degreve

Mr. Stephen M. Derry

Ms. Karen Doolittle

Mr. and Mrs. Tom B. Eaton  Jr.

Mr. Donald Elliott

Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Fairchild

Mr. Charles Fitts

Mrs. Harding Frankel

Ms. Leslie Gassner

Ms. Kristin Ginn

Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth Gould

Ms. Kathy Gwin

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Hamer

Mr. Houston Hamilton

Mr. Eddie Harris

Mr. and Mrs. Keith Harrison

Ms. Pamala Henjum

Dr. Cynthia Herzog

John Hodgin and Debby Schiro

Mr. Robert Hoff

Mr. Francisco J. Izaguirre

Mr. and Mrs. Scott Johnson

Mr. Brent L. Johnston and Ms. Anna K. Highnote

Mr. and Mrs. Edward Kao

Dr. Sam Kaplan

Dr. Melissa Kean

Mr. Edwin Kelly

Mr. Kendall Kessel

Ms. Jennifer Kirik

Kenneth and Karen Knezick

Ms. Dorothy Kreft

Mr. and Mrs. Gary Leach

Ms. Laura Leib

Ms. Virginia Levenback

Mr. Joseph Levitan

Mr. and Mrs. Terry G. Libbra

Mr. James C. Lindsey

Ms. Cynthia Littlefield

Mr. and Mrs. Max Lyoen

Mr. Shane McCardell and Mr. Mark Medwedeff

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Mcewen

Dr. and Mrs. Robert B. Moore

Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Mullendore

Mr. and Mrs. Philip Nathans

Ms. Terrylin Neale

Mr. Louis Perfetti

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph W. Samuels

Jon and Nell Schwartz

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Seay II

Ms. Rebecca A. Shockley

Mrs. Randal Smith

Mr. William Smith

Dr. and Mrs. Edgar J. Smutny

Mr. and Mrs. David Stilson

Mr. James G. Sullivan , Jr.

Ms. Carolyn Swann

Mr. and Mrs. Donald Sweeney

Mr. and Mrs. Henri Tallichet

Mr. and Mrs. Jim Thorp

Dr. Barbara Tilley

Mr. Hywel Upshall

Mr. Allan Van Fleet

Dr. Milton L. Wagner

Mr. Larry Wells

Mr. and Mrs. Jack Wigginton, Jr.

In Honor of Sherry Wilder

Mr. & Mrs. James D. Woods

Dr. and Mrs. James F. Young

Anonymous donors


Fellow $100 or more

Mr. Rene Aguiluz

Ms. Dean H. Ahearn

Ms. Erin Ailworth

Ms. Ellen Alfar

Ms. Carolie A. Allgood

Mr. and Mrs. Jeremy Andrews

Ms. Dolores Aquino

Mr. and Mrs. Geoffrey Atwater

Mr. Carlos Bacino

Ms. Marcia Backus and Mr. Mike Hood

Mr. John B. Baird III

Mr. and Mrs. Travis Baker

Mr. Murlin Barker

Mr. and Mrs. Joe Barlow

Dr. and Mrs. Alberto O. Barroso

Dr. David Barry

Mr. Donald Batchelor

Ms. Grace Bedoya

Ms. Shirley Beyer

Mr. Mervyn G. Blieden

Mr. Winston Bloodworth

Mr. Eric Boerwinkle and Ms. Vicki Huff

Mr.& Mrs. Richard P. Bogatto

Ms. Ann Bowman

Ms. Coco Brennan

Mrs. Carol K. Brownstein

Mr. Tim Buford

Ms. Marie M. Burger

Ms. Shirley Burgher

Mr. Darryl J. Burns

Mr. Frank Busch

Ms. Tania Calvao

Mr. Andres Camacho

Mr. Isaac Chua

Ms. Angela Cinque

Mr. James Claghorn

Ms. Taylor Clark

Ms. Doris J. Cleveland

Mr. Ryan Coleman-Ferebee

Ms. Carole J. Colley

Mr. Michael Collins

Ms. Barbara Colton

Ms. Charlotte Conner

Mr. and Mrs. Kent Cook

Ms. Victoria Corcoran

Ms. Carolyn Creedon

Ms. Nancy Davidson

Ms. Emily DeSanti

Ms. Erica Dillard

Mr. Chung T. Dinh

Elaine Dotsey

Mr. and Mrs. Paul B. Dougharty

Mrs. Sharon Drake

Mr. and Mrs. Gus K. Eifler

Ms. Rebecca Elsenheimer

Dr. Erin Endom

Ms. Paige Erickson

Ms. Allison Esley

Richard A. Evans, MD

Ms. DeeDee Fibich

Ms. Relda Finger-Hoffer

Ms. Nancy Fitzgerald

Mr. Tommy Fitzpatrick

Ms. Carol Fletcher

Ms. Manuela Fly

Ms. Laura S. Freudenberger

Mr. Paul Fulcher

Ms. Jackie Furlow

Mr. and Mrs. Henri Gadbois

Angelina Garcia

Ms. LaNesse K. Gareri

Mr. Joseph Garner

Ms. Christianne Gell

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen M. Gill

Dr. and Mrs. Roy H. Gillick

Ms. Wendy Gisclair

Ms. Jan Glazner

Ms. Sandra M. Graham

Mr. Richard Grandy

Mr. and Mrs. Noel Graubart

Ms. Margaret Green

Mr. and Mrs. Guillermo Guerrero

Mr. Christopher Guinn

Mr. Charles Guittard

Ms. Melissa Hagan

Ms. Mary Harberg

Mr. and Mrs. G.B. Harrop

Mr.a nd Mrs. John S. Hartman

Ms. Emily Hatcher

Ms. Amira Hemme

Ms. Elizabeth M. Henderson

Mary and Jim Henderson

Ms. Pamela Henry

Ms. Hilda Herzfeld

Mr. and Mrs. Randolph F. Hiriart

Mr. Brian Hogue

Mr. Garry Howe

Ms. Brooke Huffsmith

Mr. James Hunter

Mr. and Mrs. William Insull, Jr.

Mrs. Judy Introligator

Ms. Jennifer Isadore

Dr. Daniel Jackson

Mr. Juan Manuel Jimenez Violante

Mr. Steve Johns

Ms. Kimberly Johnson

Ms. Jessica Q. Johnston

Mr. George Jones

Ms. Sara Juarez

Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Kalmans

Mr. William M. Kaparich

Mr. Paul Kellogg

Mr. Dan A. King

Mr. and Mrs. Richard D. Kinney

Mr. Henry Kirby

Mrs. Kate S. Kirkland

Ms. Lacie Knight

Mr. and Mrs. Bahong Kuo

Dr. and Mrs. Lary R. Kupor

Mr. James Lamotta

Mrs. Nora Laufman

Ms. Lucia Laughlin

Ms. Amy Le Blanc

Mr. and Mrs. William Le Sage

Ms. Philis Ledbetter

Ms. Rona Lesser

Ms. Carolyn Levy

Ms. Jennifer Lochichler

Ms. Marjorie L. Lofthouse

Ms. Alice Loveless

Dr. Jo W. Lyday

Mr. and Mrs. Peter W. Macgregor

Ms. Ann Martin

Mr. Mark Mathis

Ms. Anne McAdams

Mrs. Marion A. McCollam

Mrs. Anne S. Meixner

Ms. Heather Mellinger

Mr. and Ms. Gerard Meneilly

Mr. Christoph Meyer

Mr. and Mrs. Peter M. Mieszkowski

Tammy Mills

Mr. Robert Myers

Ms. Tamara Nameroff

Ms. Beth Neilson

Ms. Renate Newman

Mr. Jeffrey Nunn

Ms. Ariana Ochoa

Mr. and Mrs. Steven O'Connor

Mr. and Mrs. John Odam

Ms. Kandice O'Malley

Mr. George L. Otis, Jr

Mr. Austin O'Toole and Ms. Valerie Sherlock

Mr. William Pannill

Dr. and Mrs. Gerhard Paskusz

Ms. Andrea Penedo

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Percoco

Mr. and Mrs. David Peterson

Erik and Georgia Peterson

Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Pfeifer

Ms. Michelle Pittenger

Mr. Jason Presley

Ms. Kathryn Reardon

Ms. Lenox Reed

Mr. and Mrs. Earl Reid

Mrs. Carey Roberton

Ms. Mallory Robinson

Mr. Jack Rooker

Mrs. Julien Rosenthal

Ms. Patricia Ruiz

Ms. Becky Salinas

Mr. Howard J. Schaeffer III

Mrs. Linda B. Schmidt

Mr. Robert Schwarz

Mrs. Sarah Scott

Mr. James M. Sczudlo and Ms. Patricia H. Chicoine

Mr. Lars Seemann and Mrs. N. Qawasmeh-Seemann

Mr. Eric Sepolio

Ms. Elise Shatto

Ms. Greta Shelton

Mrs. Sharon K. Shelton

Mr. and Mrs. Leo Shipman

Mrs. David Sigman

Mrs. Catina Smart

Mr. Brad Smith and Ms. Heidi Balentine

Ms. Laura Smith

Mr. Clifford Song

Ms. Trina Stanfield

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Stein

Dr. and Mrs. Alton Steiner

Mr. and Mrs. Garland Stephens

Dr. Kittredge Stephenson

Ms. Sally Stinson

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Stovall

Ms. Mary Lou Strange

Ms. Danielle Tabachnick

Mrs. Kathleen Tal

Mr. Charles R. Tanner

Ms. Ann Tidwell

Ms. Jessica Topletz

Ms. JoAnn Trial

Ms. Norma Trusch

Ms. Carla Ude

Dr. and Mrs. Richard M. Ullman O.D.

Mr. David Uthe

Ms. Maya Vashee

Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Veneruso

Mr. Craig Vinson

Mr. Christopher Walker

Mr. Leslie Walker

Ms. Rita G. Walker

Rabbi and Mrs. Roy A. Walter

Ms. Tracy Wang

Ms. Yun Wang

Mr. John Watson

Mr. Richard Westlake

Mrs. Roxanne C. Cargill and Dr. Peter Weston

Mr. Nikolas F. White

Sue Trammell Whitfield

Ms. Elizabeth D. Williams

Mr. Jim Winget

Mr. and Mrs. Milton Witt

Dr. J. David Wright

Mr. Nathan Yap

Dr. & Mrs. Byron York

Missy Yut

Dr. Alan I. Zane

Mrs. Zoula Zein-Eldin

Anonymous donors


Friend $50 or more

Mr. and Mrs. Randall D. Akers

Ms. Amelia Alder

Mr. James Ash

Mr. Don Babb

Mr. and Mrs. Charles M. Ballard

Ms. Karina Barbieri

Mr. Juansebastian Barboza

Ms. Marie Camila Bastidas

Mr. and Ms. Charles A. Bayens

Mr. Anthony Bedford

Ms. Alexa Bode

Mr. John Boyd

Allan Brain

Ms. Emily Brighton

Ms. Brittany Brink

Mr. and Mrs. Paul H. Brinsden

Mr. and Mrs. Harvey L. Britton

Ms. Lela Brodsky

Mrs. Erica Brown

Mr. Bernd Budelmann

Ms. Nancy Burke

Ms. Mary Butler

Ms. Priscilla Camp

Ms. Kalinda Campbell

Ms. Juanita W. Caskey

Mr. Paul Cedergren

Ms. Katie E. Chachere

Ms. Beatrice Chan

Ms. Gloria Chiu

Ms. Alisa Clooten

Ms. Audrey Collins

Mr. Jeffrey Colvin

Ms. Maggie Correll

David W. Cote

Ms. Emily Cotter

Ms. Vanessa Couch

Ms. Barbara G. Cowan

Ms. Jeanne Cox

Ms. Carol Danek

Mr. and Mrs. Hiram Davis

Ms. Arnaud de Limelette

Ms. Kathy Deffebach

Ms. Paula DeMonte

Ms. Patricia Denson

Mr. Burton Dickey

Ms. Nillie Djassemi

Mr. Richard Do

Ms. Katherine Doggett

Ms. Clarice Droughton

Ms. Sharon Du

Ms. Claire Dubose

Ms. Jane Eixmann

Mr. and Mrs. Derrell Evans

Ms. Lauren Evenson

Mrs. Sheryl Feldman

Mr. Diego Feo

Mr. Revlon Fernandes

Mr. William Finnorn

Mr. James Fitzgerald

Mr. Marvin Fontenot

Mr. Aaron Fountain

Ms. Marla Freeman

Ms. Mary Frontiera

Ms. Myrna Garcia

Mr. Charles Gardiner

Miss Esperanza Garza

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Gerlovich

Ms. Kimberly Gibson

Ms. Tatyana Gilbert

Ms. Rhoda Goldberg

Mr. Mayolo Gonzalez

Ms. Constance Gooden

Ms. Erin Graham

Mrs. Lauren E. Granello

Ms. Niasha K. Green

Mrs. Susan Green

Ms. Rachel Grier

Ms. Catherine Hambleton

Ms. Kendall Hanno

Mr. Scottie Harbers

Mr. Bailey K. Harris

Ms. Maybell Harris

Mr. William Hart

Mr. Myron Hawryluk

Ms. Heidi Heard

Mr. Michael Heatly

Ms. Sally Henry

Ms. Marissa Hershon

Mrs. Norma Hightower

Mr. Terrence Hill

Mr. Craig Holzhauser

Mrs. Marjorie C. Hutcheson

Mr. Harry Jackson

Mrs. Mae James

Mr. Tyler Jans

Ms. Corrie Jenkins

Mrs. Miriam D. Joachim

Ms. Burdine C. Johnson

Mr. Robert Johnson

Ms. Alison Jones

Ms. Julia M. Jones

Mr. and Mrs. Monroe W. Jones

Mr. Salem Karani

Mr. and Mrs. Charles D. Kelley

John Kemp

Ms. Linda Ketley

Mr. Melvin Klegerman

Ms. Helen S. Knox

Mr. Kevin Kotamarti

Ms. Andi Kveton

Ms. Sarah Lacy

Ms. Vera Lam

Ms. Nancy Landa

Mr. Ron Law

Ms. Cynthia Lawson

Ms. Alicia Lee

Ms. M'Ral Lejsek

Ms. Elizabeth Leykum

Mr. Alan Li

Mr. Harry Liu

Mr. Xavier Livingston

Ms. Pamela Lombana

Ms. Kimberly Lombardino

Ms. Hannah Lonergan

Mr. Terry Long

Ms. Ashley Lundblad

Ms. Layne Lynch

Dr. and Mrs. M. Mandel

Mr. Myron B. Marks

Ms. Cara Mathes

Ms. Carla Mayfield

Ms. Melina McCarty

Ms. Karmyn McCloud

Ms. Nathalie McClure

Ms. Tausheli McClure

Mr. Wilmer McCorquodale

Mr. Rick McDonald

Cynthia McNamara

Ms. Belinda Medina

John Meese

Mrs. Rita Mesec

Ms. Debbie Miller

Ms. Emily Morgan

Mr. Marco Morgan

Ms. Shelia Moser

Ms. Arlene Murray

Victor Murray

Greg Neely

Ms. Shui Wai Alice Ng

Mr. Brian Nieto

Ms. Jenny Nottingham

Dr. and Mrs. Irwin Novak

Ms. Sandra Novosad

Ms. Kristen Ortiz

Ms. Eta Paransky

Ms. Sunyoung Park

Mr. Wilton Pate

Mr. Jeff Pekar

Demetrio Perales

Ms. Denise Pfeifer

Mr. Shawn Phillips

Mr. Juan Pinzon

Dr. Paula Plummer

Mr. Myron Protz

Ms. Kim Ramsey

Ms. Sina Raouf

Ms. Brittany Rath

Ms. Allison Reid

Mrs. Susan Resnick

Ms. Bess Rice

Ms. Jessica Richards

Deborah Richter

Mr. and Mrs. Jerry W. Ritcheson

Mr. James Roberts

Mr. Joshua Rodriguez

Ms. Judith M. Rogers

Ms. Martha Rosas

Ms. Olivia Russell

Ms. Laura L. Saylor

Ms. Glenna Scharon

Mr.and Mrs. Richard P. Schissler, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Larry Scott

Ms. Maryann Seaman

Mr. James Seger

Ms. Yvonne Segura

Ms. Gloria Shiang

Mr. Christopher Shively

Ms. Jennifer Sickman

Mr. Carlos A. Sierra

Ms. Ada Silva

Mr. Michael Simons

Ms. Shirley Z. Sirota

Ms. Michelle Sivadon

Mr. Glynn D. Smith

Ms. Shannon Smith

Mr. and Mrs. Sebastien Solar

Ms. Sara E. Sommers

Ms. Danguole Spakevicius

Ms. Kathryn Stewart

Mr. David Stilson

Ms. Rebecca Storey

Ms. Hasti Taghi

Mr. Rahil Tai

Ms. Ashley Taylor

Mr. Clay Taylor

Mr. Doug teDuits

Ken Terry

Ms. Hannah Thibodeaux

Ms. Lisa Thompson

Ms. Linda Tierling

Mr. Alberto Tovar

Mr. Warner Tse

Mr.& Mrs. Eliot P. Tucker

Ms. Rebecca Turner

Ms. Sylvia Varnum

Ms. Stephanie Vaughan

Mr. Massey Villarreal

Mr. Daniel Vise

Ms. Jennifer Wagner

Ms. Lauren Walker

Ms. Glenda Wall

Ms. Jan P. Wallace

Mr. Lyndon Wang

Mr. Mehernoor Watcha

Ms. Susannah Watt

Mr. and Mrs. Kyle Weaver

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph N. West

Ms. Evan Wetmore

Ms. Joanne Wilton

Ms. Julie Wolken

Mrs. Maxine Wulfe

Ms. Lynn Yarbrough

Ms. Evelyn Zambrano

Ms. Catherine Zaruba

Ms. Jessica Zelnik

Antonio Zubizarreta

Anonymous donors