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Individual Donors




The following individuals have made gifts in support of our 2013-2014 Annual Operating Fund. This list reflects gifts made as of January 21, 2014. Our fiscal year runs July 1, 2013 - June 30, 2014.


$25,000 +

Mr. and Mrs. F. T. Barr

Gary V. Beauchamp and Marian Wilfert Beauchamp

Mr. and Mrs. Albert Chao

Mr. William J. Hill

Ms. Leticia Loya

Ginni and Richard Mithoff

Yasuhiko and Akemi Saitoh

S. Shawn Stephens and James M. Jordan

Phoebe and Bobby Tudor

Mrs. Oscar S. Wyatt, Jr.


$10,000 - $24,999

Mr. and Mrs. Isaac Arnold, Jr.

Denise and Philip Bahr

Michelle and Lorne Bain

Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Ballard

Mr. and Mrs. Phil Bazelides

Dr. and Mrs. Devinder Bhatia

Mr. John A. Blaisdell

Jonathan Blake

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Bradshaw

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel A. Breen

Mr. and Mrs. Ira B. Brown

Mr. and Mrs. J. Patrick Burk

Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Burleson

Mr. Tripp Carter

Mr. and Mrs. Victor Costa

Mr. and Mrs. Harry H. Cullen

Mr. and Mrs. Bastiaan de Zeeuw

Ms. Jane DiPaolo and Mr. Jim Teague

Marsha and Sam Dodson

Bruce and Pamela Earthman

Mr. and Mrs. Donald L. Erskine

Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Fant

Mr. and Mrs. James E. Furr

Dr. and Dr. Jerry W. Gauthier

Sandy and Lee Godfrey

Mr. and Mrs. Donald M. Graubart

Ms. Sofia Adrogue and Mr. Sten L. Gustafson

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Hafner, Jr.

Dr. and Mrs. Theodore J. Haywood

Curtis W. Huff and Lori M. Gallagher

Mr. Jesse H. Jones II

Mr. and Mrs. Russell C. Joseph

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Loveland

Stephen and Kelley Lubanko

Mr. Richard A. Lydecker

Mr. and Mrs. Harry E. Mach

Jean and Henry May

Kris and Richard McGee

Marsha L. Montemayor

Mr. and Mrs. Donald W. Murphy

Mr. James Nelson and Mr. Richard Lapin

Mr. and Mrs. James M. Nicklos

Pat and Dee Osborne

Mr. and Mrs. Steven A. Owsley

Mr. and Mrs. Michael S. Parmet

Mr. and Mrs. Martin J. Power

Macey and Harry Reasoner

Ms. Martha E. Rocks and Mr. Marvin H. McMurrey, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Curtis E. Schaefer

Mr. and Mrs. Lance Smith

Mr. and Mrs. Reginald R. Smith

Karl and Ann Stern

Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas L. Swyka

Mr. and Mrs. Troy Thacker

Ann G. Trammell

Mrs. Randa D. Williams

Mrs. Jeanie Kilroy Wilson and Mr. Wallace Wilson

Mr. and Mrs. Scott Wulfe


$5,000 - $9,999

Mr. and Mrs. Walter Andreasen

Ms. Sallymoon Benz and Dr. Alan Bentz

Mrs. Ruth W. Brodsky

Mrs. Cynthia M. Brown

Mr. and Mrs. William Burke

Mr. and Mrs. J. Cade Burks

Mr. and Mrs. Pierre Chevray

Mrs. Cynthia Christ

Mr. and Mrs. James W. Crownover

Sylvie and Gary Crum

Mr. Scott Ensell

Mr. and Ms. Nijad I. Fares

Sidney and Don Faust

Mr. Eric Glueck

Mr. and Mrs. Russell Gordy

Mr. and Mrs. Dan J. Harrison III

Gary L. Hollingsworth

Mr. and Ms. Levon Hovnatanian

Mr. and Mrs. Brian B. Hughes

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel E. Klaes

Ms. Melanie Lawson and Mr. John F. Guess, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. E. Daniel Leightman

Joella and Steve Mach

Dr. and Mrs. Michael Mann

Dan and Judy McClure

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Mithoff

Ms. Beth Muecke

Dr. and Mr. Dana Ondrias

Mr. and Mrs. James Parr

Rick and Kathy Plaeger

Isla and Tommy Reckling

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas H. Scott

Ms. Selena M. Stuchly

Ms. Martha Turner

Ms. Kimberly Van Belle-Ebel

Mrs. Sue T. Whitfield

Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas J. Zdeblick


$2,500 - $4,999

Anonymous (3)

Mr. and Mrs. W. Kendall Adam

Mr. and Ms. Glenn Anderson

Maida and Paul Asofsky

Ms. Mary Kathryn Aston

Mr. and Mrs. Sam Banks

Ms. Anne Barrett

Mr. Patrick Benge

Ms. Mary C. Blake

Mr. and Mrs. John F. Bookout

Mr. and Mrs. Douglas J. Bourne

John and Katie-Pat Bowman

Mr. Robert Bunch and Family

Charles Burnett III

Dr. and Mrs. Bill Butler

Mrs. Lily G. Carrigan

Dr. Darrell Cass and Mrs. Derith Cass

Ms. Nada Chandler

Dr. Sharon S. Crandell

Ms. Pat Cummings

Sasha Davis and Joseph Matulevich

Dr. and Mrs. Gary Dildy

Mr. Burl Drews and Mrs. Jenny Wang Drews

Mr. Roger Eichhorn

Anne F. Farish

Ms. Carolyn Grant Fay

Dr. Kelli Cohen Fein and Mr. Martin Fein

Marla and Stewart Feldman

Mrs. Barry J. Galt

Dr. and Mrs. Gary Glober

Dr. and Mrs. George M. Grunert

William Guest and Robin McCorquodale

Ms. Julia Gutierrez

Mr. and Mrs. Henry R. Hamman

Mr. and Mrs. David L. Hatcher

Dr. and Mrs. C. Stratton Hill, Jr.

Dr. and Mrs. Raymond Kahn

Mr. Dan Kroll

Pat J. and James P. Landers

Mr. and Mrs. Jack Lapin

Mr. and Mrs. Chuck Leaver

Mrs. Malinda R. Liles

Mr. and Mrs. Eugene F. Loveland

Ms. Joan H. Lyons

Ms. Kathleen Mach

Mrs. Donna P. McGinnis

Ms. Faye Mueller

Mr. and Mrs. Gene J. Oshman

Mr. and Mrs. W. Bernard Pieper

Ms. Lori Priess

Lila Rauch

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Rolland

Mrs. Sybil F. Roos

Mr. Shannon Sasser and Mrs. Leslie Elkins Sasser

Ms. Laurie Schaub

Susan and Ed Septimus

Lois and George Stark

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Stibolt

Mrs. Marguerite M. Swartz

John and Becca Cason Thrash

Ms. Lynda Lighthouse Transier

Ms. Valerie vonBerg

Jeanette and Richard Walsh

Mr. and Mrs. Greg Whalley

Mrs. Sara E. White

Mrs. Andrew Wilkomirski


$1,500 - $2,499

Anonymous (2)

Joan and Stanford Alexander

Ms. Karen Apffel

Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Baird

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Bickel

Ms. Jennifer Black

Mrs. Mary S. Botkin

Ms. Mary Gayle Braman

Mr. and Mrs. David A. Bristol, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. R. Lawrence Brown III

Ms. Cindy Burris

Mr. and Mrs. Bill Bush

Judy and Art Coen

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Collins

Ms. Lisa De Nina

Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Doneker

Ms. Jean Ellis

Mr. Mike Ezzell

Ms. Myrna Fisch

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Gill

Ms. Linda Gray

Debra and Mark Gregg

Mr. and Mrs. Donald H. Gullquist

Mr. and Mrs. James T. Hackett

Sunny Sue and Mac Haik

Ms. Kathryn P. Harrison

Ms. Linda L. Hart

Mrs. Neale W. Kempner

Ms. Kennetha Kleimann

Ms. Dawn Krieg

Mr. and Mrs. Geoffrey Leach

Mr. Gordon Leighton

Ms. Judy Liu

Ms. Megan Medina

Ms. Anjali Mehta

Mr. and Mrs. Ron Messner

Ms. Cara Michael

Mr. and Mrs. Harold Monical

Ms. Jennifer Morgan

Ms. Shelly Mulanax

Mr. and Mrs. Robert R. Page

Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Ray

Mr. James Ritchie

Ms. Heidi Helton Rockecharlie

Mrs. Donnell Rushing

Ms. Jaleh Sallee

Mr. and Mrs. Barry Samuels

Mr. and Mrs. Matt K. Schatzman

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Scheiber

Ms. Elizabeth Schwarze

Mr. Louis H. Skidmore, Jr.

Ms. Dawn Smajstrla

Ms. Rosario Spinoso

Ms. Angell Swedlund

Ms. Kenzie Wagner

JM Weltzien

Mr. and Mrs. Rudy Wildenstein

Mrs. Lora Jean Kilroy Wilson

Ms. Lisa Yelenick

Mr. and Mrs. Tom Zabel

Mr. John L. Zipprich


$1,000 - $1,499

Ms. Laura Baird

Mr. Anthony Benedetto

Ms. Naomi H. Black

Ms. Celeste Briggs

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Brookner

Melinda and Bill Brunger

Ms. Michelle Bunch

Dr. and Mrs. Raul Caffesse

Ms. Kathryn Cam

Marilyn and Coleman Caplovitz

Mr. Walt Coram and Ms. Joan Erickson

Mr. Rufus Cormier, Jr. and Dr. Yvonne Cormier

Baron and Charlotte Craft

Mr. and Mrs. Harry H. Cullen, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Denham

Mr. Robert S. Dowling

Mrs. Virgina Arnold Elkins

Ms. Kim Evans

Mary Ann and Larry Faulkner

Ms. Peggy Fischer

Ms. Robin Fisher

Ms. Diane Fitzgerald

Ellie Francisco

Ms. Connie Garza

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen M. Gill

Mr. and Mrs. Ross K. Hill

Mr. and Mrs. Rick Kaplan

Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Klaveness

Dr. Igor Kliakhandler

Mr. and Mrs. Robert T. Ladd

Ms. Celina Longoria

Ms. Marilyn Lummis

Mr. Alan McCartney

Ms. Virginia McIntyre

Ms. Deborah Miner

Mr. and Mrs. Jordan Mintz

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Morgan

Ms. Jodie Pace

Ms. Kristen Parsons

Ms. Mary Perez

Mr. and Mrs. David Pesikoff

Mr. Cameron Ray

Ms. Gay A. Roane

Ms. Janice Robertson

Mr. and Mrs. James T. Robinson

Mr. Gary Roy

Ms. Louisa Stude Sarofim

Ms. Kathryn Schultea

Mrs. Katherine Shanks Dodd

Ms. Laura Stehr Peters

Ms. Melinda Strom Gerow

Ms. Dorothy Swanson

Mr. Maximo Tejeda

Drs. Peter and Pamela Triolo

Ms. Donna Tylka

Paul and Sherry Vaughan

Mr. Chris Waldhart

Mr. Dean B. Walker

Mr. and Ms. Brett Waltz

Mr. and Mrs. James A. Watt

Ms. Janice White

Mr. William Wilder

Ms. Jennifer Yager


$500 - $999

In Memory of Carol E. Tag

Ms. Adele Adams

Ms. Debra Adams

Ms. Natalie Alexander

Ms. Ginny Anderson

Ms. Carleen Andrews

Ms. Kelly Annino

Mr. Virginia Araiza

Ms. Alice Arbour

Ms. Jeanette Arias

Mr. and Mrs. Cecil H. Arnim III

Mr. Roy Austin

Ms. Kim Avocato

Mr. James A. Baker III

Ms. Judith Baker

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Banks

Ms. Diana Barker

Ms. Rejeana Barnes

Mr. A. G. Barriault

Ms. Susan Bartos

Mr. Brian Bayne and Mrs. Meghan McCracken

Ms. Amy Beasley

Mr. and Mrs. Victor G. Beghini

Ms. Evelyn Belhane

Mr. John Belmont

Ms. Candyce Beneke

Dr. and Mrs. Robert S. Benjamin

Ms. Amber Benson

Kurt and Pamela Berens

Ms. Linda Berkman

Mr. Randee Bernal

Ms. Claudette Berryhill

Ms. Joe Anne Berwick

Ms. Lori Blakley

Ms. Mary Boatner

Ms. Gail Braun

Mr. and Mrs. George Britton

Ms. Jo Beth Brizendine

Ms. Jennifer Brockwell

Dr. and Mrs. Boruch Brody

Ms. Bonnie Bryan

Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Buhler

Ms. Brittany Bures

Mr. Joseph Burwell

Mr. and Mrs. Larry Casey

Mr. and Mrs. John R. Castano

Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Chandler

Mr. and Mrs. John D. Chaney

Mr. and Mrs. J. Scott Chapman

Mr. Dennis Cieciel

Dr. Diane Citek

Ms. Cynthia Clayton

Ms. Meredith Cocke

Ms. Paula Coffman

Dr. and Mrs. Donald F. Cohen

Mr. and Mrs. Martin Colman

Ms. Michelle Combs

Ms. Brenda Coonrod

Ms. Jim Cooper

Mr. Ricki Cunningham

Mr. and Ms. Stephen Dabney

Ms. Judith Daiger

Mr. Robert Darwin

Ms. Shanna Dash

Ms. Sakina Davis

Ms. Cindi Dawson

Dr. Ronald De Pinho and Dr. Lynda Chin

Dr. and Mrs. Clotaire D. Delery

Ms. Jeanette Doumani

Mrs. Carol Drawe

Ms. Amy Dunn

Ms. Kay Dunn

Mr. Richard Eason

Ms. Judy Elkins

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas L. Elsenbrook

Mr. and Ms. S. K. Evnochides

Mrs. Marita Fairbanks

Mr. and Mrs. Ron Fash

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Ferris

Ms. Debbie Fitzgerald

Mr. Mike Fiuzat

Ms. Carolyn Fletcher

Mrs. Harding Frankel

Ms. Cheryl Gale

Dr. Jacqueline Gilliard

Mr. and Mrs. Merrill Glasgow

Ms. Barbara Grein

Mr. and Mrs. John Griggs

Ms. Karyn Guerrero

Ms. Melissa Guggisberg

Ms. Melissa Hagan

Ms. Roslyn Haikin

Ms. Jennifer Ham

Ms. Joanie Hare

Ms. Diana Harper

Ms. Mary Ann Harper

Mr. Frank L. Heard, Jr.

Mr. Dale Heinsohn

Ms. Ashley Henderson

Matthew Horsfield

Rob and Lyn Houk

Dr. Evelyn E. Howell

Ms. Kay Hunsucker

Ms. Gena Hutto

Ms. Janine K. Iannarelli

Ms. Marilyn Irwin

Ms. Dana Jackson

Ms. Shereen Jacobson-McCrary

Ms. Shannon Jeter

Ms. Michelle Johnson

Ms. Antonette Jones

Ms. Jill Jorden

Ms. Priscilla Kanady

Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Kearney

Ms. Melissa Keck

Mr. and Mrs. I. H. Kempner III

Mr. Dale Klupsch

Ms. Jane Knowlton

Mr. and Mrs. William H. Knull III

Ms. Kendall Kobza

Ms. Taryn Kuryla

Ms. Jackie Leach

Mr. Christopher Leveque

Dr. and Mrs. Moise Levy

Ms. Amanda Lewis

Mr. and Mrs. James C. Lewis

Ms. Therese Lohman

Ms. Tisa Lopez

Mr. and Ms. John D. Maclay, Jr.

Ms. Traci Marabli

Mr. Roy Marsh

Ms. Charlene Martin

Ms. Kimberly R. Martin

Ms. Cathy Matthews

Ms. Darlene McConathy

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph D. McCord

Dr. Laurence B. McCullough and Mrs. Linda Quintanilla

Ms. Beth McIntyre

Mr. John McSpadden

Mr. and Mrs. Roger B. Medors

Dr. Matilda B. Melnick

Ms. Shannon Michaelis

Ms. Sheryl Michalak

Ms. Alisa Miller

Ms. Suzanne Millet

Mrs. William A. Monteleone, Jr.

Ms. Mary Moorman

Mr. and Mrs. W. Benjamin Moreland

Ms. Cynthia Moriarty

Ms. Carol Murdock

Mr. and Mrs. John C. Murphy

Mr. and Ms. Geoff Newton

Ms. Rachele Nowling

Mr. Ralph S. O'Connor

Mr. and Mrs. Brooks Osborne

Mrs. M. Palisin

Ms. Heather Phenicie

Ms. Jana Phillips

Mr. and Mrs. Jordan A. Pincu

Mr. Eric Powitzky MD

Ms. Angela Prince

Mr. Charles Prince

Ms. Rebecca Privat

Ms. Patricia Ralston

Ms. Paula Reidler

Dr. and Mrs. Mark S. Rigo

Ms. Lee S. Rippel

Mr. and Mrs. George Rizzo

Ms. Carolyn Robinson

Ms. Julie Rojas

Mr. and Mrs. Joe Romano

Ms. Linda Russell

Ms. Sally Salners

Ms. Valerie Saye

Ms. Erin Scarbrough

Ms. Stephanie Schwing

Mr. and Mrs. John R. Sherwood

Ms. Ada Silva

Mr. Michael B. Smith

Ms. Lori Snyder

Dr. Alana Spiwak and Sam Stolbun

Mr. Jay Stanford

Mr. Scott Stevenson

Mr. Jonathan Stewart

Mr. Thomas A. Stewart

Dr. Jeffrey Sweterlitsch

Ms. Janice Theiler

Ms. Leslie Thurman

Ms. Debbie Tiffee

Mr. Cody Tinney

Ms. Deidre Tognietti

Treebeards Inc.

Ms. Tamara Tricoli

Mr. and Mrs. Peter I. Tumminello

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Turner

Ms. Carla Vanderweilde

Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Viereck

Ms. Katie Wall

Ms. Jan Wallace

Ms. Janice Wallis

Ms. Nancy Walter

Ms. Kathy Weber

Mr. and Mrs. Kane C. Weiner

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Whittle

Mrs. Michelle Williams

Ms. Inna Wizig

Wonderful Windows and Siding

Ms. Mary Yager

Pam Zimmerman